Rap TV investigates security company scams

Rap TV investigates had some reports of a home security hustle in the Sacramento area. So we sent an undercover in to see what was going on. What we found out is the Do not call list is a fully functioning system hopelessly abused by a company with low regard for the general community. With out mentioning the name of the company we will say they have a specific introduction by phone and some people walk up in person. The conversation starts with;
Hello my name is either Jon or Mary from maximum security alarm your only local authorized Monitronics dealer,
note this is never the actual name of the rep. It is the name they are told to give in the training process for this company which lasts about 6 hours. After which they are let lose on the phone to make cold calls.
The next line is; The reason for my call today is to let you know we are starting our total protection program here but first we need a few home-owners to help us out, now you are the home owner there correct.

The employee is then told to wait for the customer to answer and then talk to them and attempt to extract as much personal information about the person as possible even if they have stated they are on the DNC list. The employee is told under threat of termination of employment that they must talk to the prospect and argue with them about the product & service until they either buy into it or give up on the cold calling sales rep.

Now the spooky part is the personal credit SSN numbers and such information of the prospects who bite at the deal gets printed out and the is left unsecured. In a high traffic office with high turn over. Every day at 9am people come interview and get hired and every day at 4pm people come & get hired and every day at 8am people get fired and everyday at 3pm people get fired and walk out with the prospects personal info.

The issue rises when this now newly unemployed minimum wage worker has the scrip memorized and heads out to do some bogus deals or simply dumps the prospect information in the streets or at a near by coffee shop where others can find it and use it unlawfully.

The Rap TV investigator was able to get some of the numbers of prospects who have no idea that their personal information is being used in ways not authorized by them.

So how come no-one tells?

The employees are non-skilled labor for the most part. High school drop-outs and others in generally bad situations. Or good hard working folks with bad brakes right now so they need to take what ever work they can find. The fear of getting a bad report from an employer is overwhelming to most people in that situation and when they have a family to feed. So the logical thing for them to do at the time is shut up and do as told.

The no re-hire policy at maximum security helps management keep the employees on edge all day long. The way the call flow works is basic. The employees are fed a list of names from the company auto dialer and call an area code until there are no more numbers left in the directory. 11 call stations are in the room with an average of 7 to 9 employees per station. Station 1 starts calling an area code at 8am and then runs out of numbers at 9am. Then they are given a new area code to call. The problem comes about when at 9am the area code that station 1 called at 8am is now shifted over to station 2. The DNC list regenerates every 31 days. The people who get the call at 8 and are on the DNC list or want to be placed on the DNC list will be contacted sometimes hourly by different reps from this same company for the rest of the 30 day block . The numbers for the DNC list get handed in at 8pm to give the company time to flood the prospect with sales pitches until they except the appointment to just look at the product.. When the rep comes out to case the prospects home or business they use the threat of impending violence against the home or business owner as a way to get them to sign on the dotted line. After which many fall victim to a crime in the very place they had a system installed.

Now you don’t have to take our word for what safety is but we talked with a lady in an assisted living elder-care home with medical staff & in-house security staff, who was told that there Except the next step for our investigator was to find out who the parent company was and then who the product developer was. Now keep in mind the product developer and the parent company have nothing to do with the 3rd party dealers who are marketing the product..

The long and short of it is if you need security and you want to use the product this company brokers. We think you should cut out the middle-man and call the parent company who will gladly get you a system in without all the crap and drama. Contact us for the true parent company contact info.           



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