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I like the website but when our members post content on that site. The content is not directly accessable from the links in yahoo or google search. All the links rout our members to the IFoodtv main page. Then the members must search through many other unrelated videos which Ifoodtv would rather they watch before they are able to see the video they selected. When this flaw is corrected we will add new content to the iFood website. Till such time as that change happens all videos which are on ifoodtv can bee seen on our youtube/user/raptv page. I like the site but it took close to 11 minutes to access 1 video and our members dont want to spend their time like that. We do not appreciate being redirected to pages and content we did not click on. As for the advertisers who have docked themselves on our content and redirected our members and viewers to random products and services. Make you’re sales conversions stats public. We also would like to know how much of the cost of that type of marketing is being transfered to us in the form of higher prices as a result of that marketing choice.



address: 4350 Pell Drive Sacramento California USA 95838

Reading Videos |

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Rap TV the network that works for you everyplace in the virtual worlds. One World One Hip Hop One RapTV learn more today at 1+916-943-6965
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